LOG 2.0 TM

New Logistics is our passion.

Our primary focus is to create savings, improve our client’s efficiency and competitiveness. Focusing on your key business is the  basis for any efficiency improvements. We have the newest and proven methods, modern equipment and competent professionals. We can create savings just by using the right equipment and optimizing the dispatch.

Logistics 2.0 takes your operation to a new level.

Better results through cooperation

We are transportation professionals and we want to create better and more efficient logistics solutions together with you. The new era of outsourcing means that we don’t just  drive your deliveries, but earn our place as a strategic partner. If transportation is not your key business, now is the time to let a true professional take care of your transportation needs and optimize your operation.

Controlled chains

Big logistics chains, one contact person. We take full responsibility of your logistics and unify the dispatch. We create a clear chain where a single person can make decisions and react on ever-changing situations.

Operative efficiency

Any vehicle while have a high fixed cost every month, regardless of whether it is used or not. Simply the better the utilization rate, the less fixed costs are per hour and mile, hence the equipment must be constantly on the road.

For example:

A midsized truck will cost you about 2500 euros/month for the fixed costs (taxes, interest, deappreciation, insurance etc.)

Fixed costs per hour

8h driven per day 250h/160h= 15,6 euros/h

10h driven per day 250h/200h= 12,5 euros/h

An increase of two hours per day will save you 3 euros per hour.

In delivery operations, the employees will make up for 40-60% of the total cost, so that with the right sizing and training of the personnel we can improve efficiency. We train our own drivers and resource the right amount of personnel on the mission.

Annual seasonal fluctuation

The volumes of individual lots and seasonal fluctuation irritate most of the companies, to withstand the stress of seasonal peaks the size and quantity of the vehicles are usually exaggerated, increasing the costs during more quiet times. Our large fleet allows us to be flexible around your actual volume, so that your unit costs stay low and operations efficient.

Risk Management

Often we find that result of an attempt to reduce risk operations are split between multiple subcontractors and the more of them there are the more difficult it is to control the whole entity.

We will build an easily controllable solution with our network for your transportation needs. We take responsibility for our contractors like our own and each one of them  is committed to the our values.  We deliver a logistics solution that is built up from split risk to a one reliable solution.

“The more responsibility you give us over your logistics, the more money we will save you.”